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Bennett’s Gas Programs Offered:


Delivery Options:


Auto Fill:

This program simply means that we will refill your propane tank when we estimate your tank to be between 25%-35%.  Deliveries will NOT be made if your account is not current (including budget payments). Accounts with a past due balance requiring a delivery are handled as WILL CALL accounts and will require a 5-7 business days notice. Because we can only ESTIMATE your tank level, we recommend that you periodically check the gauge during cold weather to avoid running low or out of gas.


Will Call:

This program means we will not make a delivery until you call our office to place an order. When you choose this program you are assuming full responsibility to monitor your tank to avoid running out of gas. We require at least a 5 to 7 business days notice for propane delivery and longer during extreme winter weather.  If you do run out of gas and require same day delivery a Special Trip Charge of $125 may be apply; if appliances must be re-lit, an additional $25 re-light fee may also be applied. To avoid these charges please monitor your tank level and call when the gauge reads 25%-35%.

Our minimum delivery is 200 gallons for a 320 gallon tank or larger.  120 and 250 gallon tanks must be filled at the time of delivery.


Pricing Programs


Pre-buy Program:

This program is available to all AutoFill customers with approved credit. It is recommended for any customer who uses an average of 400+ gallons a heating season.  The PreBuy contract locks your price for the entire heating season regardless of the market price. Partial deliveries are not allowed and will be billed at full market price.  There is a $40 fee annually to enroll and the price is valid generally from Aug 1st through Mar 31st of the following year.  While on this program, customers are allowed a .10 per gallon discount on all deliveries if paid within 10 days.**


Pre-Purchase Program:

Should you wish to save additionally, you may pre- purchase your gas at a discounted Pre-Buy rate. There is no fee to enroll but there is a minimum purchase of 600 gallons to be paid in full at time of enrollment. The price is valid from Aug 1st   through Mar 31st. Any unused gallons will be refunded to your account.


Budget Plan:

We know large gas bills in the winter months can be a burden so we offer a budget plan as way to help alleviate that stress. This plan is available to customers with at least one year’s history with Bennett’s Gas and who has approved credit with the company. Enrollment for this program begins July 1st of each year and no enrollments are accepted after Sept 30th.  We will calculate the average use of gas from last two years to establish your payment for the year. While on this program customers are required to make their monthly payments each month and the entire balance is to be paid in full by June 30th.  There is an $18.00 fee associated with this program and all accounts are subject to evaluation in January and payments may need to be adjusted to ensure accounts are cleared by June 30th.

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