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Bennett’s Gas is one of the largest, most well known propane suppliers in Central Kentucky, Northern Kentucky, and Southern Indiana.  Bennett’s is the areas only CGX-4 premium propane provider for forklift cyclinders. CGX-4 is a propane fuel treatment that has been proven to reduce CO emissions by up to 75%, while literally paying for itself with reduced maintenance costs.

Bennett’s Gas also supplies LPG for any sized commercial application such as warming roofing tar, 100-pound cylinders for cooking or heating large warehouse areas. Propane is also a great backup in case of an emergency.

Forklift Motor Fuel

  • Timely Delivery

  • Professional Service

  • Exclusive Provider for C.G.X.4

    • Increases Overall Efficiency

    • Reduces Maintenance Cost

    • Reduces CO Emissions up to 75%

    • OSHA Approved and Recommended

  • Will Call or Auto Fill Options

  • Pricing Options

  • Storage Cages

  • Safety Training

  • Emergency Services Available

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