Valued Customers,
With the impending weather we have working as hard as possible to take care of you! Please help us help you and make sure to give adequate notice and request a delivery when your tank is no lower than 30-40%.  If the roads and driveways are snow covered or icy, our operations are greatly slowed. You can help by making sure your driveway is clear if a delivery is needed.

We ask you to be conservative with your propane when it is difficult or unsafe for our drivers to make a delivery.

For your safety, please be sure to only use your bulk propane tank for the appliances it has been rated for. We do not recommend to use any portable cylinder inside your home.

Stay Safe!



Bennett's Gas offers a wide range of products and services for residential customers. From grill propane and large propane tanks to water heaters, Bennett's can do it all.


Bennett's Gas can help your business of any size. From cylinder exchange to pump stations, we have it all. 


Bennett's Gas offers a wide range of products and services for industrial customers including Forklift Motor Fuel, Temporary Heating Services, and more!


Bennett's Gas offers agricultural services including grain dryers. Don't let the we season stop your business.


I would like to say thank you to all of the staff at Bennett’s Gas. Any time I call with a question or just to check on my account I’m always greeted with a friendly voice and any questions are answered in a timely manner. I have used a couple of other propane companies and none of them even come close to the service I receive at Bennett’s. With many different billing options we were able to find the one that works for us and automatic delivery gives me peace of mind without having to constantly monitor or worry about how much propane is in the tank.

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